Welcome to Andrea's area for Andromeda9 

What is Andromeda9?
Andromeda9 is currently a very nice free online game. Just download it at the official web site and enjoy playing.

Can anyone do this again?
Can anyone do this performance again? In short: DM game with 5 players, 2 of them good players Blackrose & Sasha, I won 10:0 and nobody everyone else make a kill!!!! I did that some days ago, a quad at the beginning with fast missile, on my Ping Pong server. If someone else is sometimes a quad boy now you can call me Quad King! Lucky Lucky Lucky!!!!  Here is the screenshot:

Why do you like it?
It's a simple 2D game but with a very nice graphic.

Can I play with you?
Of course, I play usually as AndreaPlanet or Andrea.

It is possible to have new maps?
Yes, the original game offer few maps for every kind of game. By changing some of the data files it is possible to use all the available maps. I prepared a new space_patch.data file that offer only for DM and TDM games 3 new maps. We just have to try out the new maps. I suggest a low frag limit so we change a lot the maps. See below for the download of the new file.

It is possible to change the Ship attributes?
Yes, by changing a little some of the data files it is possible to have a game with different ship attributes for example. I made some tests to find out nice combinations. Just download one of the following space_patch.data files and copy it into your Andromeda9 directory. Before doing this make a backup copy of your old space_patch.data file. If you loose the original file just delete the patch file and run Andromeda9, so you will get the new one (or download the original version from here). This changes work only if you Host the game. If you join another game you will use the settings of the Host. I suggest in any case that the you have the same space_patch.data file as your host. 

Important Policy for using these files: please if you Host a server with these files (or not original files), then add the code of the settings to the host name so people know about. If your host is "Destroyers Den" for example and you use the High FireRate server then please rename it to "Destroyers Den [F]" or something like that. Any other suggestion is welcome.

Code Andrea's Server's
- The original server settings. This is the original space_patch.data file.
- 4 new maps for DM and TDM. This is the standard server but we have now 4 new maps. Use this file only for DM and TDM (currently the maps are removed from Race/CTF games).
[F] High Firerate Server. Version 2. In this configuration all the ships (except Red Wing) have a very high Firerate. With this server its easy to make a lot of points.
[P] High Firerate and Ping Pong Server for DM and TDM. Version 3. 
- This configuration is like the High FireRate but all the ships have half the weight. So it will be a Ping Pong game.
- Fighter have 50% more armor and even better Firerate.
This file include the new maps for DM and TDM.
[P] High Firerate and Ping Pong Server . Version 2. This configuration is like the High FireRate but all the ships have half the weight. So it will be a Ping Pong game.
  coming soon more servers! 

I heard that there exist some hidden Ships, how can I play with them?
Inside the game at Setup Player, in the box where you can specify your Real Name just enter the codes for to get the hidden ship. To get the Redwing ship write "subspace". To get the Eagle ship write "Rotor".

Can I make my own customization?
Sure. Just open the space_patch.data file as a Zip file and edit the binary files inside. Quite easy, but the point is to find the right files to edit and the right bytes to change. Since I wanted to change ship statistics, I just searched the name of some ships inside the files, then when I found the "ShipStats" file, I opened it with a Hex Editor and when I saw all that numbers near the ship names it was easy to find out the meanings of every number. That's all. For fast changes I prepared a batch file that insert automatically the ShipStats file into the space_patch.data. You just need WinZip with Command Line extensions (old pkzip dont work due to long file names). I did not found out the meanings of all the values, and maybe some are wrong, send me a mail if you have any suggestions or corrections.

Note: I have the different versions all in a zip file: modifiedfiles.zip

Attribute Description
Armor Higher value more armor. Try a value of 9 and you need a lot of fast missiles before you die. Damage by walls is not affected by this value.
Acceleration Higher value more speed. But the speed depends also on the Weight of the ship.
Rotation Higher value give faster rotation. But I don't suggest values over 6.
Fire Rate Lower value give higher Fire Rate. Try 0.30 for fast Fire Fate.
Weight Higher values more weight and less speed. Low values and the ship will play ping pong at every explosion.


Hex offset in file ShipStats Default Value Attribute Affected Ships
29D 1.5 Weight Destroyer
2A2 270.0 Acceleration Destroyer
2A0 1.35 Armor Destroyer
2AF 2.5 Rotation Destroyer
2B4 0.43 Fire Rate Destroyer
2C8 1.1 Weight Fighter
2CD 1.4 ?  
2D2 230 Acceleration Fighter
2D9 1.2 Armor Fighter
2DE 3.4 Rotation Fighter
2E3 0.45 Fire Rate Fighter
2F5 0.9 Weight Speeder..
2FA 0.6 ?  
2FF 170 Acceleration Speeder
306 2.8 Rotation Speeder
30B 0.5 Fire Rate Speeder
31C 0.8 ? Skater
321 180 Acceleration Skater
328 3.0 Rotation Skater
338 1.0 Weight XR-47
33D 200 Acceleration XR-47
344 2.95 Rotation XR-47
354 120 Acceleration Freigat
35B 2.0 Rotation Freigat
36C 0.7 ?  
371 160 Acceleration BladeWing
378 3.5 Rotation BladeWing
38B 150 Acceleration Clumsy Eagle
392 0.95 Armor Clumsy Eagle
398 4.5 Rotation Clumsy Eagle
39D 0.38 Fire Rate Clumsy Eagle
3BF 2.6 Rotation Red Eagle
3C4 0.85 ?  
And for to have fun:      
D6D 4.0 Graphic Destroyer. Distance external engines
D72 28.5 Graphic Destroyer. Distance horizontal engines
D8D 10.0 Graphic Destroyer. Distance backwards engines.


Are you a good player?
I do my best and if I am playing regularly then you should find my name in the Top 20

How can I contact you?
Write me an email at denzler(at)usa.net or leave a message on my personal forum or at the Andromeda's forum.